Access to board-certified physicians

365/24/7 at your fingertips, from the comfort of your own home, and even your office, with a $0 co-pay.

Telehealth, a fully HIPPA compliant platform, has become a household name for millions of Americans suffering from minor and major health ailments.

Members have the flexibility to receive on-demand care, no appointment necessary, with one of our board-certified physicians. Our doctors follow evidence-based practices covering care areas which include acute, chronic, preventative, pediatrics, behavioral health, woman’s health, and more. Members are also encouraged to utilize telehealth conference in Orlando in the event your direct primary care physician is not available, such as after hours. However, Telehealth, is not a substitute for urgent care or emergency room.

Unlike mainstream telemedicine, which is a single-call experience. Our Primary Doc Telehealth feature provides the treating physician with access to your medical records. As well as offers ongoing support for members dealing with chronic conditions. Your direct primary care physician coordinates with your telehealth conference experience. Thus, resulting in continuity of care, improved results, and satisfaction.




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Advantages of Telehealth

Telehealth also provides practitioners with the unique advantage of seeing you in your home. For example, if you are suffering from allergies, an allergist may be able to identify clues in your environment which are contributing to your symptoms. Neurologists, physical and occupational therapists can observe and access your ability to navigate and take care of yourself at home. Telehealth is also a great way to get mental health assessment and counseling. Most importantly, if your virtual visit, requires an in-person follow-up, our concierge team will assist you in finding the most qualified specialist in Orlando, FL, and guide you through our Medical Cost Sharing process. Most importantly, telehealth conference in Orlando saves our members not only time but money.


of our members’ encounters are resolved on the platform

Average Savings

$398.00 per visit.


of members that require an in-person follow-up are directed to a non-emergency room setting


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