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Benefits of The Inner Circle
Direct Primary Care
Full range of primary care services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care & care coordination. Get Unlimited access with $0 co-pay.
Medical Cost Sharing
Large healthcare expenses are paid with Medical Cost Sharing, a community of like-minded members committed to paying each other’s medical bills.
24/7/365 Access to a board certified, licensed Doctor, Pediatrician, Specialist or Women’s Healthcare Provider, via text, call or video chat. No appointments needed!
Life Care
24/7/365 access to virtual and live Counseling to help you cope with a wide range of emotional and mental health challenges as well as life/work assistance. 
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Monthly Membership
Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)
Amount member pays out of pocket per need before the community shares in paying for 
their healthcare expenses. The higher the IUA, the lower the monthly costs.


  • $1,000 IUA - $299/month
  • $2,500 IUA - $259/month
  • $5,000 IUA - $249/month

MEMBER + Spouse

  • $1,000 IUA - $574/month
  • $2,500 IUA - $494/month
  • $5,000 IUA - $464/month

    MEMBER + Child*

    • $1,000 IUA - $544/month
    • $2,500 IUA - $474/month
    • $5,000 IUA - $444/month

    MEMBER + Family*

    • $1,000 IUA - $795/month
    • $2,500 IUA - $685/month
    • $5,000 IUA - $640/month
    *Member+Child & Member+Family: Includes one child Age 5+. Additional child monthly fee varies based on the age of the child as follows:
     Less than 2 years old $90.00/month • 2 to 4 years old $70.00/month • 5 years to 21 years $40.00/month
    Read complete guidelines of our Medical Cost Sharing Community
    This program is NOT insurance and is managed by MPowering Benefits LLC exclusively for members of “Our Primary Doc”. The Direct Primary Care Practices are Primary Partners Alliance of integrated high performing, independent primary care physicians. The sharing community is managed by Zion Health, a Utah Medical Cost Sharing Benevolence Organization. Direct Primary Care and Medical Cost Sharing are not recognized by the IRS as qualified insurance and as such do not qualify for tax savings.


    Say goodbye to co-pays and deductibles. Our low monthly fee gives you access to an array of Primary Care services


    As a member you can receive unlimited access to your clinical care team in person, over the phone, by video or secure messaging.


    Whether you are focused on disease prevention, optimal wellness or chronic care management our Care Team is here for you each step of the way.


    Get the support and tools you need to navigate the complexity of healthcare.

    Direct Primary Care For The Whole Family
    • Hassle Free
    • No Co-Pays
    • No Deductible
    • ​No Visit Fee
    • ​Unrestricted Access
    • ​Unlimited Visits
    • Same Or Next Day Appointments
    • Secure Telehealth Visits
    • ​Urgent Care Visits
    • ​Extended Visit Times
    • ​Annual Physicals
    • ​School & Sports Physicals
    • Work Physical
    • ​Well Child Exams
    • ​Wellness & Prevention Planning
    • ​Chronic Disease Management
    • ​Smoking Cessation
    • ​Hospital Care Coordination
    Medical Cost Sharing
    • Everyone Is Accepted
    • ​Community Of Like-minded Individuals
    • ​Works With Any Provider Without Restrictions
    • ​No Annual Or Lifetime Caps On Sharing
    • ​Medical Needs Processed Within Weeks, Not Months
    • ​Share Medical Costs Incurred In US & Internationally
    • ​Healthy Living Encouraged Within The Community
    • ​Two Year Pre-existing Conditions Limitations
    • ​Less Than 1 Minute To Connect With Board Certified Physicians
    • Accessible From Anywhere, Anytime 24/7/365
    • ​Board Certified, Licensed Care In All 50 State
    • ​No Appointments, Just Simple on-demand Care
    • ​​​Text, Call Or Video Chat
    • ​83% Encounters Resolved On Platform
    • ​94% In-person Follow-up Not Directed To ER
    • ​100% Live Docs, 0% Chatbots
    Life Care
    • Mental Health Counseling - Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Family                 Issues, Grief, Addiction, Abuse, etc.
    • Covid-19 Resource Center
    • ​Financial Literacy
    • ​Personal Growth - Achieve Work/Life Balance
    • ​Legal Support & Access To 100+ Common Legal Forms - Wills,                 Agreements, Notices, etc.
    • ​Certified Elder Care & Elder Law Consultations
    • ​Housing, Community & Government Assistance Resources
    • ​....And Much More

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