Medical Cost Sharing

An Innovative Concept!

We provide affordable health cost sharing plans to pay for your individual or family healthcare expenses.

An affordable option to pay for your individual or family healthcare expenses

Medical Cost Sharing consists of a large community of health-conscious individuals. Who Voluntarily contribute a monthly share amount towards each other’s healthcare expenses. With over two million participating Americans and billions of dollars shared, Medical Cost Sharing memberships, a health insurance alternative, have become a solution to the rising costs of healthcare and decreasing options.

Our Primary Doc offers an open enrollment period to our health sharing plan membership. Allowing you to have access to quality health care any time of the year.


Memberships consist of three-tier Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) options:





$1,000 IUA   —   $299/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $259/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $249/mo

MEMBER + Spouse

$1,000 IUA   —   $574/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $494/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $464/mo

MEMBER + Child*

$1,000 IUA   —   $544/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $474/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $444/mo

MEMBER + Family*

$1,000 IUA   —   $795/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $685/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $640/mo

An IUA is an amount the member is personally responsible for before medical expenses can be shared. Our members have the choice of how much money they must contribute on a medical condition or Need before the members’ medical bills become eligible for sharing by the community. A “Need” is considered an eligible medical event, illness, or incident. The member household is responsible for a maximum of three eligible (3) Needs per year. With no lifetime limits on sharing.

For additional information on healthcare cost sharing plans, please refer to the Sharing Guidelines:

The Medical Cost Sharing community is a benevolent organization. Meaning that everything is done for the benefit of our members, not for the benefit of shareholders. This structure allows us to maintain and offer lower monthly share amounts.

Inside our Medical Cost Sharing community, we promote healthy living!

Additional Benefits

Direct Primary Care




Once you, your family, or your organization join our community and experience an illness or a condition that requires medical attention beyond the services provided by our Direct Primary Care physician, our specially dedicated Concierge Team can assist you in finding a specialist of your choice, since there are no network restrictions. In some cases, the Concierge Team also negotiates favorable rates and cash-paying discounts for our members even before the appointment, eliminating surprise bills.

Medical Cost Sharing for Major Illness or Hospitalization

Allows our members to focus on their wellbeing and recovery rather than worrying about unexpected medical bills

90% of our members’ healthcare concerns can be managed by our Direct Primary Care physicians, with a $0 office visit fee. Medical Cost Sharing works to keep costs down by providing members with the tools to shop for the best value while being educated to make smart choices. If a member requires service beyond those provided by their OPD Primary Care Provider, the member is responsible for any costs incurred up to their selected Initial Unshareable Amount (IUAs offered – $1000, $2500, $5000). All qualifying medical expenses above the IUA are shared 100% by the Medical Cost Sharing Community with No Cap.

A better solution compared to traditional methods

Medical Cost Sharing often presents a more financially feasible option, making it an effective alternative to health insurance. 

Pre-existing Conditions

Our Primary Doc Medical Cost Sharing membership also accepts those with pre-existing conditions, however with some initial restrictions. During the first year, members’ pre-existing condition-related medical expenses are not eligible for sharing; the eligible sharing amount increases with each consecutive year after that. Please refer to our Guidelines page for more information. Our expert healthcare advisors are more than happy to provide you with more details and assist you in finding the best health share plan for you.

Need Additional Information?

Call and speak to one of our healthcare advisors to find out if Our Primary Doc, based in Orlando, FL is the best choice for you, your family, or your organization.