Medical Cost Sharing for unexpected large medical bills

A way to cover those unexpectedly high medical expenditures.

If our member has an accident, succumbs to an unexpected illness, requires a medical procedure or surgery, Our Primary Doc has you protected

If you experience a major illness, such as a heart attack, injury from an accident, under your medical cost sharing plans guidelines that would constitute as a “need”. In such an event, our concierge team assists in guiding you through the filing process, provide more details, and support. Additionally, members receive exclusive access to Healthcare Blue Book. Health Care Blue Book helps you find the best providers offering quality care, at the fairest price.

Depending on the chosen Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA), the member is first responsible to pay either $1,000.00; $2,500.00; or $5,000.00. Thus, If expenses associated with the “need” meet our guidelines, the medical cost sharing community renders payment within 5-7 business days. Any symptoms or post-follow-up care associated with that need continue to be shared through the Health Sharing Plans. Sharing is effective until the member is completely symptom-free for 12 consecutive months. Please refer to our FAQ page and Terms and Conditions to find out what needs are eligible for sharing, and how to submit to a need to our medical cost sharing affiliate Zion Health.

Medical Cost Sharing Plans with Expenses over $5,000.00

In the event of an in-office procedure or a planned surgical case, such as a hip replacement, that results in expenses over $5,000.00. Our concierge team utilizes Blue Book Care Connect. This exclusive collaboration allows Our Primary Doc to locate the highest quality care at the fairest price. Most importantly obtain and negotiate a package price for the location, surgical costs, and physician fees. All prior to our member receiving the service. The member then submits the need in accordance with their medical cost sharing plans guidelines. The member is responsible for the Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA) of $1,000; $2,500.00; or $5,000 based on their medical sharing program .

Prior to the redemption of services, the whole procedure or surgery is paid for in its entirety. Eliminating any surprise fees or bills allowing our members to focus on their health and recovery. For members who require additional assistance or simply feel overwhelmed, Blue Book Care Connect will even support you in coordinating your appointments. Our Primary Doc health sharing plans are a health insurance alternative. Therefore, this is not an insurance-based solution and may not be for everyone.

Call and speak to one of our healthcare advisors to find out if Medical Cost Sharing and Direct Primary Care health sharing plans through Our Primary Doc in Orlando, FL is the best choice for you, your family, and your organization.

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Call and speak to one of our healthcare advisors to find out if Our Primary Doc, based in Orlando, FL is the best choice for you, your family, or your organization.