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Best Online Therapy and Counseling  

We understand the challenges of everyday life. At times all of us require a little assistance in coping with stress and navigating through certain challenges. LifeCare, which is included in your health sharing plans, connects our members, including everyone in their household, with clinically trained counselors and career coaches 24/7, virtually, and face to face.

Counselors are specifically trained to help address common and complex mental health issues

Ranging from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety; grief and loss; marital and family concerns; domestic violence; gambling and spending addictions; drugs and alcohol chemical dependency; emotional wellness; children and adolescents; stress and time management; life coaching; financial counseling; career counseling; eldercare services; adoption assistance; community resources; and Covid 19 information.

Additionally, our LifeCare Plan includes financial literacy, personal growth to achieve work/life balance, health risk assessment, legal support & access to over one hundred legal forms, certified elder care and elder law consultations, as well as housing community and government assistance resources. Your membership comes with 12 complimentary sessions a year, with a minimum of a two-month break in between every 4 sessions. Additionally, members have an option to purchase extra sessions.

Our members also have an option to obtain mental health therapy services through our Telehealth portal 24/7/365 from the comfort of your own home! If you require any assistance with scheduling or obtaining therapy appointments, please contact our dedicated Concierge Team!

Best Online Therapy and Face to Face Counseling for your Organization

Employers enjoy the benefit of providing their employees with direct access to counselors

Therapists assist your employees in coping with everyday struggles as it increases their productivity at work and encourages loyalty. LifeCare, the best online therapy plan, also works hand in hand with your HR department. Our career coaches ensure your professional success; build effective teams; create a positive and productive work environment; inspire your employees to not only invest in themselves but one another to achieve both personal and professional growth.

Our experts have received special training to assist Human Resources and Management Teams

in developing a benchmarking method that takes into account the intangibles of a work. As well as its candidates, allowing you to choose the person who will best fit into your business. This method lowers turnover and raises commitment. Furthermore, our services provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual.

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