Alternative Medicine

Health Insurance Alternatives that Cover Naturopathic Medicine also has additional benefits!

Alternative Medicine

Our Primary Doc is proud to offer healthshare plans that incorporate alternative medicine. Our model is a health insurance alternative that covers naturopathic medicine. Direct primary care physicians, at times, not only recommend, but also coordinate care with your CAM providers.

Many different fields make up the practice of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). In addition, many parts of one field may overlap with parts of another field. For example, conventional medicine also includes acupuncture. Approximately 38% of adults and 12% of children employ alternative medicine in the US. Direct Primary Care physicians recommend and prefer to use CAM in combination with or as an alternative approach to treatment. The treatment modality must be considered safe and effective.

Alternative medicine, with prior authorization, may also constitute a “need”. Therefore, making it eligible for sharing through the Medical Cost Sharing community. The member must follow the same guidelines of submitting a need. The Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA) must be met and a proposed value of the treatment has been presented.

Health insurance alternatives that cover naturopathic medicine also has additional benefits!

Our Primary Doc is also proud to offer discounted prices on nutritional programs, yoga, Pilates, personal trainers, mind/body therapies, spas, fitness locations, and more. Health sharing plans are not insurance-based products, rather health insurance alternative that covers naturopathic medicine. Meaning this may not be for everyone, and some restrictions apply.

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