Employer-provided healthcare is an important asset in hiring and retaining top-quality employees

This innovative solution solves the challenges of rising health care and out-of-pocket costs for employer groups as well as individuals and families by bundling the benefits of Primary Partners’ Direct Primary Care program with a health care plan that is affordable, Flexible, and Effective.

Plans starting at:

$ 249/Month – Per individual

$ 650/Month – Per Family

You Could be Saving up to…


Compared to Traditional Health Insurance

As an employer, you need to be able to rely on your workforce

Therefore, we know, you cannot afford to overlook your employees’ wellness. With Our Primary Doc, employers are no longer burdened with escalating costs. We provide a fairly priced, high-quality healthcare benefit that requires no administrative effort on your part

This complete plan combines the benefits of substantial cost savings with a full range of services to manage all your employees’ health care needs.

Employers may determine the contribution amount of their choice or elect to wave their contribution entirely!

No Co-Pays

Direct Primary & preventive care


From Large Medical Expenses

Mental Health



Virtual Healthcare


Concierge Assistance


Access to alternative medicine & discounts

Enroll today & get a FREE physical when you sign up!

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