Group Health Insurance Alternatives

Our Primary Doc is a revolutionary concept that offers group health insurance alternatives to pay for your individual or family healthcare expenses.

Group Health Insurance Alternatives

Our Primary Doc is a revolutionary concept that offers group health insurance alternatives. Members receive unlimited access to direct primary care, telehealth, mental health services, medical cost-sharing for large medical expenses, as well as a dedicated concierge team. Our team of direct primary care physitains are specifically trained to address most of your healthcare concerns, while providing longer appointment times. For members who encounter large medical expenses, OPD offers access to our medical cost-sharing community. Medical cost-sharing is an alternative to group health insurance in Orlando Florida, and therefore may not be right for everyone. Some restrictions may apply, however the cost and benefits factor make Our Primary Doc a great solution.

Employers and small businesses with less than 50 employees can greatly benefit by participating in the Our Primary Doc program. By offering a group health insurance policy to your employees businesses increase employee retention and loyalty. Our participating group medical coverage members obtain a lower and predictable employee benefit expense. Additionally, by eliminating health insurance administration time and cost, employers are able to focus growing their enterprise.

Benefits of OPD Group Health Insurance Alternatives

Your employees will have access to a large network of local doctors and specialists in the #1 Florida Accountabe Care Orgonization (ACO) via our Primary Partenrs Alliance. By having an ease of access to healthcare providers, our members experience improved outcomes and less sick days. Most importantly, with group medical coverage, employees can maintain membership with our Primary Doc if they leave the company. Ultimatly eliminating the need for Cobra. Moreover, your employees can obtain healthcare for their family close to the cost of healthcare for employee only.

To find out more about group health insurance alternatives in Orlando FL, Call and speak to one of our healthcare advisors to find out if Our Primary Doc, is the best choice for you, your family, or your organization.