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 Our Primary Doc is a revolutionary concept that offers group health insurance alternatives. Members receive unlimited access to direct primary care, telehealth, mental health services, medical cost-sharing for large medical expenses, as well as a dedicated concierge team. Our team of direct primary care physicians are specifically trained to address most of your healthcare concerns, while providing longer appointment times. For members who encounter large medical expenses, OPD offers access to our medical cost-sharing community. Medical cost-sharing is an alternative to group health insurance in Orlando Florida, and therefore may not be right for everyone. Some restrictions may apply, however the cost and benefits factor make Our Primary Doc a great solution.

Employers and small businesses with less than 50 employees can greatly benefit by participating in the Our Primary Doc employee benefit plan. By offering a group health insurance policy to your employees businesses increase employee retention and loyalty. Our participating group medical coverage members obtain a lower and predictable employee benefit expense. Additionally, by eliminating health insurance administration time and cost, employers are able to focus growing their enterprise.

The Basics

Is Our Primary Doc a group benefit?

No, Our Primary Doc is an individual and family medical cost sharing program, which is a group health insurance alternative. We allow for a company contribution list. Thus, employees who participate can be added or removed from the contributions list at any time and billed directly.

Why should my company participate in Our Primary Doc’s medical cost sharing program?

Participation in Our Primary Doc program is always voluntary, both from the company’s and the employee’s perspectives. Business owners choose to work with Our Primary Doc because they value community and personal responsibility and because they want to use a cost sharing approach to ensure provision of quality healthcare for their employees. There are numerous factors that contribute to Our Primary Doc’s greater efficiencies for both companies and employees.

Does Our Primary Doc medical cost sharing program comply with the Affordable Care Act requirements?

Our Primary Doc’s sharing program is not a substitute for insurance as defined by the Affordable Care Act. Therefore does not meet the requirements by itself.

What are the risks and liabilities my company may be exposed to through participation in Our Primary Doc?

Our Primary Doc is a voluntary and benevolent program. It is not insurance, however a group health insurance alternative. Member companies are not purchasing insurance coverage by participating in the sharing program. By participating in the sharing program, companies are neither promising their employees that their larger medical bills will be paid, nor are they taking on liability to pay those bills as a company. Companies can choose to contribute on behalf of their employee members.

Group Health Insurance Alternative and Tax Implications

Can my employee’s monthly contributions be collected via payroll deductions?

Yes. Our Primary Doc allows members to join a contribution list of members who are part of a company. Thus, employers can deduct member contributions by payroll deduction on a post-tax basis.

Can my company pay some or all of its employee’s monthly contributions?

Yes. Participating companies can contribute as much of the employee’s monthly contributions as they wish. Albeit, it should be recognized that contributions are a component of the employee’s total compensation. Moreover, Companies can tier their employees based on legal requirements and offer different product bundles to each tier. Talk to your legal representative about legal requirements on tiering qualifications.

How do I set up my employees’ withholding amounts?

Companies should consult with their own legal and tax advisors for more information regarding payroll and income tax implications for their specific situations.

Is there any additional administration or work for my company as a result of participation?

Our Primary Doc team is glad to assist with any questions you or your staff might have regarding monthly contributions and the entire Our Primary Doc process.

Benefits of OPD Group Health Insurance Alternatives

Your employees will have access to a large network of local doctors and specialists in the #1 Florida Accountabe Care Orgonization (ACO) via our Primary Partenrs Alliance. By having an ease of access to healthcare providers, our group health plan members experience improved outcomes and less sick days. Most importantly, with group health plans, employees can maintain membership with our Primary Doc if they leave the company. Ultimatly eliminating the need for Cobra. Moreover, your employees can obtain healthcare for their family close to the cost of healthcare for employee only.

To find out more about group health insurance alternatives in Orlando FL, Call and speak to one of our healthcare advisors to find out if Our Primary Doc, is the best choice for you, your family, or your organization.

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