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Dedicated to provide high-quality, coordinated care to all patients, including those with complex or chronic conditions.

What is DPC Practice?

DPC is a new and innovative payment model that provides access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. The main differensce between this type of primary care and others is the amount you pay per month; for as little as $249/month; patients can receive unlimited office visits with their doctor along with other benefits such as medication management support. DPC offers additional perks like extended hours at no extra cost, which isn’t offered by many practices in today’s market!


Direct Primary Care practice (DCP) is an innovative alternative payment model improving access to high functioning health care services available through membership fees rather than paying on a fee-for-service basis or having insurance companies cover your costs.

Superior health outcomes with

Our Primary Doc’s innovative service

Our members achieve superior health outcomes with Our Primary Doc’s innovative service.

Our Primary Doc offers our members unlimited access to Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians. Indeed, The DPC model is a meaningful alternative to the fee-for-service billing system. Direct care physicians focus their attention, time, and effort on caring for our members directly rather than facing oversight from non-medical administrators, using evidence-based guidelines tailored to the unique characteristics of each patient. Additionally, monthly health sharing plans cover most direct primary care services including

clinical and some laboratory services, urgent care, preventative care, consultative services, care coordination, and comprehensive care management without any co-pays or deductibles. Direct Primary Care services provide you with better access to physicians, establishing an authentic therapeutic relationship, and comprehensive patient care. You will receive unrestricted access to your healthcare provider, with little to no wait time, longer appointment times, whether in person, virtually, or by phone.

Direct Care Primary Physician

Services Include:

In addition to unlimited access, Our Direct Primary care Physicians in Orlando, FL provide the following services to our members: acute care; annual exams, chronic disease management such as diabetes, and asthma; cryotherapy (if provided in house); EKG’s; hospital care coordination; joint injections (if provided in-house); lacerations; pap smears (does not include pathology fees); pregnancy tests; pulse oximeter; school/sports physicals; skin biopsy (does not include pathology fees); infections; tag and wart removal; smoking cessation; specialist care coordination; strep throat screening; suturing; urgent care; urine analysis; weight loss counseling; well-child exams; well-woman care; wellness and prevention planning; wound care. Therefore, most of your healthcare concerns are addressed in an outpatient setting with our Direct Primary Care Orlando.

Your direct primary care provider also stays involved through your treatment process through coordinated care.

Hence providing you with continuity of care and improved outcomes. Health sharing plans also pay for large medical expenses, through medical cost sharing, once you have met your initial unshareable amount (IUA). Call Us: 1-800-519-2969

Our Concierge Team assists members who require treatment from a specialist or need procedures. The concierge assists you in finding the best possible care, at the fairest price.

Need Additional Information on DPC Practices?

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