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Our members are finally free to choose their providers! 

Our Primary Doc is a revolutionary concept in healthcara that connects a community of health-conscious individuals with easy access to quality healthcare through local practicioners, technology and an innovative Medical Cost Sharing approach.

Freedom to Choose Your Own Providers

Members are free to explore alternative medicine with pre-approval. For those who travel, the membership works anywhere in the US and Internationally.

Our Focus is advocating a healthier lifestyle within our community by providing your Direct Primary Care physician with comprehensive biometric screening to identify, prevent and monitor individual risk factors. Ongoing member support programs also include wellness programs for emotional, social, financial, mental health, and much more.


As a member you can receive unlimited access to your clinical care team in person, over the phone, by video or secure messaging.


Say goodbye to co-pays and deductibles. Our low monthly fee gives you access to an array of Primary Care services.

Quality Healthcare

Whether you are focused on disease prevention, optimal wellness or chronic care management our Care Team is here for you each step of the way.

Concierge Support

Our dedicated agents will help you navigate your health plan and receive the best care possible.


From Our Happy Members

Our experience with Our Primary Doc health sharing plans has been way beyond our expectations.

We switched from Kaiser to Our Primary Doc because we’re self employed and the cost of the most basic healthcare plan was extraordinarily high. Not knowing what to expect, even though we led a healthy lifestyle, the initial financial savings were worth the risk. Of course, shortly after enrolling, I landed in the intensive care unit with a strange illness. I was ok after a few days but was nervous, knowing the bill would be high and wondering if our health sharing plans would cover it all.

We organized our bills and looked for self-pay discounts at every turn. The staff actually complimented our efforts and due diligence and covered everything, no questions asked! It was beyond amazing. And it was such a human experience. It was always easy to reach our representative and we got to know each other and work things out over the phone as needed. It was just so entirely different than the bureaucratic nightmare that is the usual health care experience. We just can’t say enough about how great and effective the service has been for us. Thank You!


Business Owner

Our Happy Families

“My wife and I were in the process of planning to expand our family. The out-of-pocket costs in addition to the deductible and monthly premium for the delivery costs alone took all the fun out of the process. A close friend of the family mentioned a healthcare sharing plan and finally, things began making sense. A year and a half later, I am more than a proud father. Happy to report that we had our delivery at the best hospital in town. Above all, thanks to OPD, I have been able to pass on the savings towards my child’s future college education.” — Andrew Topolowitz, Director of Medical Sales.

“Our little Amy loves to swim, but her passion came with unexpected and unwelcomed ear infections. We have already been acquainted with medical cost sharing and direct primary care. Somehow, we felt more at ease addressing the problem. OUr DPC gave us an accurate and fast diagnosis, provided a prompt referral to an ENT. Amy needed a small in-office procedure, which included tubes and post-operative medication. Everything went above and beyond what was expected. Most importantly, since we had already met out IUA for the year, our bill was completely covered. Couldn’t wish for anything more.” — Anna Kolodoub, stay-at-home mother of three.

"The overall difference in out-of-pocket cost, between health sharing plans and traditional healthcare insurance, is mind-boggling. "

In respect to a detached retina surgery, I had a in 2018, my total out of pocket was about $11,000 less than traditional insurance, between monthly membership in MPB and the $1000 IUA.

George Horst, Neonatal NP

"A couple of years ago, I chose to pass on health care insurance as all primary insurance companies were too expensive"

My husband and I learned of health sharing plans and OPD through a wonderful lady locally who had the charge of helping those in our community find affordable health care. Within the first year of this coverage, I had a severe, traumatic injury-double fracture, which required surgery, plates and screws. They were by my side which resulted in additional surgery and bone infection. Ocne again I wasn’t alone. Through OPD, I was able to obtain the needed medical care. I used Telehealth throughout and had a great experience. Not only was surgery covered but meds, doc appointments, physical therapy, etc.


Our Happy Business Owners

“As a small urban optometry practice, we have had a tough year in sustaining our business, especially with the mandatory precautions of Covid 19. One of the biggest challenges was being able to provide payroll to our staff while maintaining the responsibility of their health insurance coverage. IC-HRA allowed us to do just that. Our employees were able to maintain their chosen policies. This proved to be more cost-effective. Our management team was able to focus on our patients and the practice.” – Dr. Obliz of Eyes Matter.

Call and speak to one of our Healthcare Advisors to find out if Medical Cost Sharing and Direct Primary Care health sharing plans through Our Primary Doc, based in Orlando, FL, is the best choice for you, your family, and your organization.

We’ll be there for you anytime you need us

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