Who we are

Your health is our top priority

Our Primary Doc is a revolutionary concept that provides a full range of health care services and connects a community of health-conscious individuals with easy access to quality health care through local practicioners, technology and an innovative Medical Cost Sharing approach.

What We Do and How We Do It

Our focus and pledge are on wellness and prevention of significant medical issues. Members can utilize telehealth to obtain medical advice and early treatment. We provide a unique healthcare membership that is more comprehensive and personalized than traditional solutions.

In addition to our health sharing plan, Our Primary Doc uses a HIPPA Compliant, International Multi-Platform Prescription Medication Platform to assist our members in obtaining the best price for their medications. In most cases, our Concierge Team can secure savings anywhere from 15-90% off retail prices, depending on the medication needed.

Our members also receive access to 24/7/365 to our exclusive Life Care Program. This encompasses everything from mental health counseling by licensed master’s level mental health counselors to financial planning, career coaching, elderly care and community resources, basic legal assistance, and Covid 19 information.

Our Primary Doc specializes in healthshare plans. Which is a revolutionary concept in healthcare that connects a community of health-conscious individuals to quality care. Members receive exclusive access to local practitioners, telehealth, and medical cost sharing for large healthcare expenses.

Our unique model provides essential healthcare to everyone. Including those with pre-existing conditions (limitations apply), with no yearly or lifetime caps on sharing. Members are finally free to choose their providers, with no network restrictions, and explore alternative medicine with pre-approval. Furthermore, for those who travel, our health sharing plans work anywhere in the US and internationally. Read our Terms and Conditions to find out more details about healthshare plans.

Our focus is advocating a healthier lifestyle within our community. Your Direct Primary Care physician utilizes a comprehensive biometric screening to identify, prevent and monitor individual risk factors.  Healthshare plans also include programs for emotional, social, financial, mental health and much more.

Our Healthshare Plans Promise

Medical expenses, especially the unexpected ones, can uproot your life and destabilize your finances. Our Primary Doc takes the stress out of your life and allows you to focus on your health and recovery. In collaboration with our healthshare plans affiliates, 300% of the estimated annual medical costs of all our members are retained for sharing. Additionally, our trained concierge team assists you in negotiating medical bills directly with the providers. Yielding 40-80% in savings from the original billed amount.