Health Sharing Plans offer Direct Primary Care and Medical Cost Sharing

Health Care That MPowers You

Direct Primary Care

Full range of primary care services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care & care coordination. Get Unlimited access with $0 co-pay.

Medical Cost Sharing

Large healthcare expenses are paid with Medical Cost Sharing, a community of like-minded members committed to paying each other’s medical bills.


24/7/365 Access to a board certified, licensed Doctor, Pediatrician, Specialist or Women’s Healthcare Provider, via text, call or video chat. No appointments needed!

Life Care

24/7/365 access to virtual and live Counseling to help you cope with a wide range of emotional and mental health challenges as well as life/work assistance. 

The Most Effective Health Care Solution

Our Primary Doc is proud to offer health sharing insurance plans, in Orlando an alternative to health insurance. in Orlando, FL. Medical cost sharing plans connect a community of health-conscious individuals with direct primary care physicians. While providing a unique structure for large medical expenses as a better alternative to health insurance. We are an innovative, comprehensive healthcare solution. Members receive more freedom, control, and flexibility in their healthcare choices at affordable rates.

Our dedicated direct primary care physicians offer a comprehensive medical model. Patients receive a full range of primary care services including routine care, regular checkups, preventative care, and care coordination, and much more. Furthermore, patients who encounter large medical expenses related to an illness, accident, or injury; Our Primary Doc provides health share insurance plans, which help protect our members from large medical expenses.

Telehealth provides 24/7/365 access to board certified physicians, saving you time.

Our Health Sharing Plans Solution

Health is everything! Your healthcare is our specialty and number one priority. Unfortunately, our modern-day health care system is broken. Individuals and employers receive a lesser quality of care, while forced to pay higher monthly premiums, higher deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs.

Our Primary Doc offers a revolutionary approach to healthcare not only for individuals and families but for businesses and groups of any size. Our members receive quality care from our Direct Primary Care physicians and are connected with specialists through our dedicated Concierge Team, all for a $0.00 office visit fee. However, our Medical Cost Sharing community assists members with large medical expenses which exceed the chosen initial unshareable amount. The most popular level is the $1000 Initial Unshareable Amount. Therefore, the initial IUA is the member’s personal responsibility. This is not an insurance-based program.

Health Sharing Plans, although not health insurance, offer a wealth of other great features to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Through Our Primary Doc medical cost sharing plans, members have on-demand access to board-certified physicians through telehealth. Moreover, for those who struggle with everyday life challenges, our LifeCare program includes behavioral health. The medical cost sharing community is also alternative medicine friendly.

Call and speak to one of our Healthcare Advisors to find out if Medical Cost Sharing and Direct Primary Care health sharing plans through Our Primary Doc, based in Orlando, FL, is the best choice for you, your family, and your organization.

Designed With

Our Patients in Mind


As a group medical coverage member you can receive unlimited access to your clinical care team in person, over the phone, by video or secure messaging.


Say goodbye to co-pays and deductibles. Our low monthly fee gives you access to an array of Primary Care services.

Quality Healthcare

Whether you are focused on disease prevention, optimal wellness or chronic care management our Care Team is here for you each step of the way.

Concierge Support

Our dedicated agents will help you navigate your health plan and receive the best care possible.

For All Ages

IUA (Initial Unshareable Amount): Amount member pays out of pocket per need before the community shares in paying for their healthcare expenses. The higher the IUA, the lower the monthly cost.


$1,000 IUA   —   $299/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $259/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $249/mo

MEMBER + Spouse

$1,000 IUA   —   $574/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $494/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $464/mo

MEMBER + Child*

$1,000 IUA   —   $544/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $474/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $444/mo

MEMBER + Family*

$1,000 IUA   —   $795/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $685/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $640/mo

* Includes one child 5+. Each additional child will be charged according to age as follows:

Age Additional Fee
Children less than 2 years old   
Children 2 to 4 years old
Children 5 years to 21 years


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