Health Sharing Plans offer Direct Primary Care and Medical Cost Sharing

Access to health care has never been better!

Direct Primary Care

Full range of primary care services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care & care coordination. Get Unlimited access with $0 co-pay.

Medical Cost Sharing

Large healthcare expenses are paid with Medical Cost Sharing, a community of like-minded members committed to paying each other’s medical bills.


24/7/365 Access to a board certified, licensed Doctor, Pediatrician, Specialist or Women’s Healthcare Provider, via text, call or video chat. No appointments needed!

Life Care

24/7/365 access to virtual and live Counseling to help you cope with a wide range of emotional and mental health challenges as well as life/work assistance. 

The Most Effective

Healthcare Solution

Our Primary Doc is an innovative, comprehensive healthcare solution currently offered in the greater Orlando area. Members gain more freedom, control, and flexibility in their healthcare choices at affordable rates. Memberships give members greater access to healthcare not dictated or directed by health insurance. This non-insurance solution is comprised of multiple components explained below.

Membership includes:

Direct Primary Care 

Unlimited in person visits 

Our dedicated Direct Primary Care  physicians offer patients a full range of primary care services including primary care, preventative care, urgent care, care coordination and much more. Your Direct Primary Care doctor becomes your advocate in your healthcare journey to obtain long term successful health outcomes. Learn more →

Protection via Medical Cost Sharing

A community of health-conscious individuals

This is based on members helping members, when medical expenses arise for accidents, injuries and illness that exceed the member’s chosen Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA). The most popular level is the $1000 Initial Unshareable Amount.  The IUA is the member’s personal responsibility with a maximum of 3 per household, per year. The medical cost sharing community is also alternative medicine friendly. Learn more →


24/7/365 access to board certified physicians, saving you time

Members typically access a doctor in less than 60 seconds. They can speak to a doctor as long as they need, as often as they need at no additional fee. Chronic issues will be tracked for ease of use, meaning members will never need to repeat their case. Learn more →

Life Care

Support for most daily needs, for those who struggle with everyday life challenges

Includes up to 12 mental health counseling visits virtually or in-person at no additional cost, plus a wealth of resources for accessing legal documents, elder care assistance, housing assistance, health risk assessments, financial tools and education. Learn more →

Health Sharing memberships, although not health insurance, offer a wealth of other great benefits to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Call and speak to one of our Healthcare Advisors to find out if Our Primary Doc, based in greater Orlando, FL is the best choice for you, your family, and your organization.

For All Ages


$1,000 IUA   —   $299/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $259/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $249/mo

MEMBER + Spouse

$1,000 IUA   —   $574/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $494/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $464/mo

MEMBER + Child*

$1,000 IUA   —   $544/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $474/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $444/mo

MEMBER + Family*

$1,000 IUA   —   $795/mo

$2,500 IUA   —   $685/mo

$5,000 IUA   —   $640/mo

*Member + Child | Member + Family: Include 1 child age 5+, additional child monthly fee varies based on the age of child:

Less than 2 years old $90.00/month • 2 to 4 years old $70.00/month • 5 years to 21 years $40.00/month

What is an Initial Ushareable Amount (IUA)?

 Amount member pays out of pocket per need before the community shares in paying for their healthcare expenses. The higher the IUA, the lower the monthly cost.

What constitutes as a "need"?

A member’s IUA is calculated per medical need, meaning members only pay 1 IUA for each need. Members do not pay another IUA for the same need unless they are symptom free for a 12-month period.  

Larger Needs over the IUA

All qualified medical expenses after IUA is met are shareable with the health sharing community at 100% without an annual or lifetime limit. Members pay a maximum of 3 IUAs per 12-month period. Members generally save by having an IUA compared to an insurance deductible or annual unshared amount when a large medical need arises.

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